7 Residential Furniture Trends To Watch In 2023

Residential Furniture Trends
by UR designs

7 Residential Furniture Trends To Watch In 2023

Turn your home or office into a welcoming and cozy environment by incorporating the most recent furniture styles and interior designs. Establishing a practical area enclosed by walls is a positive beginning, but fostering an atmosphere conducive to productivity or relaxation demands thoughtful deliberation and dedicated effort. Whether your goal is to establish a serene haven for your family and friends or to cultivate a professional and efficient workspace, it's crucial to adorn it with pieces that elevate the visual appeal and choose furniture that looks good and makes you happy.

Would you like to discover the prominent residential furniture trends expected to gain popularity in 2023? Assisted by our UR design team, we’ll provide you with an exclusive preview of what lies ahead in the realm of design.! If you appreciate curved designs, enjoy vibrant splashes of color, and love all things cozy, you’re in for a treat.

Designing Comfortable Seating

As we spend more time at home, comfort is now the top priority when choosing the perfect seats for any main room or space. In the upcoming year, comfort remains key and will convey similar emotions. The trend will persist in seeking both functional and stylish furniture pieces.

Curved Pieces

Similarly, curved furniture will remain popular in 2023. Incorporating curved shapes into straightforward designs brings a sense of drama and tension.

Vintage Furniture

Furniture evoking a vintage ambience is likely to come back. Given the recent surge in popularity of mid-century modern design, it’s unsurprising that products featuring retro inspirations are becoming more fashionable. Frequent flea markets, local antique stores, and online platforms such as Craigslist and Facebook marketplace present excellent opportunities to explore charming vintage items at affordable rates.

Large Pieces

Houses appear to maintain their size without a noticeable decrease. It’s noteworthy to highlight that scale will continue to be crucial in 2023, placing emphasis on large-scale furniture pieces that serve multiple functions and accommodate more individuals.

Reeded Precise Details

Reeded accents on furniture will be trendy this year. Adding grooves to wall panels, crown molding, and cabinet drawer and door faces are examples of this.

Vibrant, Pattern-Filled Furnishings

In 2023 people will be more willing to take bold actions. Clients are often willing to use vibrant colours and make their interiors more striking. For some people, the trend is all about trying out vibrant colours, interesting patterns, and standout furniture pieces that grab attention and become the main focus in a room. If you have been eyeing a bold and unconventional piece, 2023 could be the perfect time to finally get it! For those, playing with colour, patterns, and one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing pieces that become the center of a room will be in.


As more people consider their environmental impact, it’s crucial to shift our habits, not just in shopping for things like food, fashion, and travel but also in choosing durable and sustainable furniture. In 2023, people and designers will keep embracing sustainability, particularly in trends for home furniture. More people are choosing products with a low environmental impact, and natural wood finishes are becoming increasingly popular. People increasingly use simple shapes and neutral colours to bring peace into their homes. Consumers are increasingly valuing sustainability, leading them to shift away from disposable furniture. Instead, they are choosing enduring designs including those made from wood or recyclable materials, emphasizing long-lasting quality.

While exploring unique furniture pieces to make bold statements is always exciting, it’s relevant to note that the prevailing trend in 2023 is centred around creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere. This is done by using calming green, brown, and cream colours, which naturally evoke a sense of relaxation. The goal is to use calm and soothing colours to create a positive atmosphere, especially when choosing furniture for children’s rooms. Parents can prioritize safety, functionality, and comfort when selecting furniture for their child’s room, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for play, sleep, and learning. Whether you're a design enthusiast or simply looking to refresh your space, experimenting with these trends can give your home a modern and stylish feel. Keep an eye out for how furniture design evolves, influencing our living experiences.

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