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There is no doubt that the kitchen is one of the essential rooms in our houses. It is where we cook, eat, and where all great family occasions start. We spend a great deal of our time inside it, which can be an issue if it was not aesthetically pleasing or fully equipped. We are fortunate to be living in a time where we have creative interior designers and a variety of design choices that suit each taste and need. If you are designing your future home or renovating your current kitchen, then here are five great styles you should consider the following:

1.American Kitchen Style
Do you feel isolated and lonely while you are in the kitchen? Do you prefer wide spaces where you can move freely? If so, we advise you to go with the American kitchen design, where you will have a kitchen, a dining room and lounge area in one large space. This design is characterized by large islands used to prepare food and as a dining table later. However, the kitchen colors must be coherent with the living area colors. White and wooden colors are always a smart choice that goes well with all color palettes. You can also install glass cabinet doors to add a classy yet contemporary look that suits every interior design, and you will be able to show off your beautiful bowls, plates, and glassware.

2.French Kitchen Style
If you love a style that is more warm, intimate, and aesthetically pleasing, then go with the French style that has a variety of textures and textiles. The colors used in this style are taken from a provincial landscape, which means they are warm, soft, pale, and earthy colors. To get that authentic French feel, use the same color palette on cabinets that often take up the most of the visual space in a kitchen, you can also add a traditional element by installing a crown molding on top of the cabinets. However, the surfaces are usually made out of natural materials, such as brick and wood. As for decorations, the French style is known for its well-placed prints and inscriptions on walls and furniture, as well as using lanterns for lighting due to its rustic aesthetic.

3. Small Kitchen Design
Do not let space stand in your way to have your dream kitchen. Small places are a common problem nowadays, but we have plenty of tricks on our sleeves! Start by making the space feel lighter by using a neutral color scheme. Combine white pattern tiles and marble worktops with light blue kitchen cabinets in order to bounce light around, giving the illusion of spaciousness. Try using white on the walls, and add light reflective materials and minimal designs. You also should turn every corner into a storage space, clear all the clutter and move items like the washing machine to a different area. However, if you have the privilege of designing your place from scratch, then consider having an L shaped Kitchen; this will provide you with all the space you need and will look amazing. After all, all you have to do is keep it simple!

4. Modern Kitchen Style
What defines a modern kitchen style is simplicity, with light backgrounds, geometric shapes, and clean, not detailed surfaces. As for cabinetry, they usually reach the ceiling to avoid gaps and dust traps. Modern is all about efficiency and practicality, which means installing a variety of storage options, like pull out drawers and corner units. If you enjoy the minimalistic appeal, try using marble countertops with sharp lines and a little bit of color, or go with stainless steel, glass, and wood to create different visual effects. Also, we advise you to use tiles on the walls because they are easy to clean. Bold and colorful tiles are preferred when we are aiming for a modern look. As for the overall colors, do not hesitate to use red, yellow, or green! They will brighten up the place, whether you want to use them on large surfaces or just in accessories like flowers and pictures.

5. Rural Kitchen Style
When people hear the word rural, they instantly have a warm, intimate feeling. The element that stands the most when you have a rustic kitchen is wood; you can add it wherever you want, walls, cabinets, and countertops. Allow natural sunlight to fill your rural mornings by installing well-placed windows that you can decorate with freshly cut flowers from your garden, and for the nighttime, try hanging simple yellow lights for extra warmth! Colors used in this style are often calm and neutral. Add vintage furniture pieces and decorations, plenty of shelves, and small paintings to complete the theme. Also, try hanging your copper kitchen tools on wooden strips in rows, that is a great storage idea and will add a cozy country sense to the overall atmosphere. And lastly, go with the brown-orange floor to bring warmth to the cool, neutral color palette.

We hope you have found the style you were searching for, which will you will spend enjoyable times in your kitchen. One of the many great things about interior design is its ability to transform any place to make match your taste and personality. Here at UR Designs, we care about helping each person get the place where they feel belonged and comfy.

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