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Many people mix up terms related to our field, and perhaps ‘interior designer’ and ‘interior decorator’ are two of the most terms that people often find them hard to differentiate or think they mean the same thing. However, this isn’t the case; each one of them offers different services and concerned with different tasks. Here in this article, we will look at both terms and what makes them different.

Why does it happen?

The differences between these two terms aren’t the most obvious things around, so it’s okay if you have assumptions that aren’t very accurate. This mix-up happens because building a design is a process with so many aspects, like interior design, exterior design, and landscape design, for example. And while many prefer to task a single architect with these aspects, others prefer to go for specialists in every aspect to design it mainly. This division, in contrast with the more general term ‘architect,’ creates a little bit of confusion for non-specialists, who might not go into the details.

What does each one do?

Interior designers: Basically, interior designers’ job consists of creating spaces that are beautiful, safe, practical, and functional. While making sure that these spaces serve their primary purpose in the meantime, and has what it takes for future growth or changes, and that covers: Lighting design, Materials, finishes & color, building systems and technologies, sustainable design, and project management. As a result, their job requires some sort of liaison with other designers that work on the other aspects of the building.

Academically, interior designs usually hold qualifications like a degree or advanced diploma in interior design, covering every aspect of the layout, usage, and allocation of interior space.

Interior decorators, on the other hand, share many things with interior designers. However, the scope of their job doesn’t include services installing, utility, and safety planning or moving walls. In fact, their job is more concerned with the style of space’s occupants and capturing it perfectly. So, they are more likely to be concerned with decorating what’s already been built.

And while interior designers hold higher qualifications, interior decorators hold qualifications in interior decoration, which are usually diplomas.

Ideally, both designers and decorators need to keep it close with their clients, come up with plans and drawings, and setting a budget then committing to it. In Ur Designs, that is how we work to capture your vision then transforming it with our expertise to a spectacular reality, whether it was architectural planning, working on the interiors, exteriors, or landscaping.

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